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Andy Griffith - 25th January 2022

Andy Griffith - Developing Cultural Capital

About this event

Do teachers understand what cultural capital is? Do Ofsted? Sadly, the education system in the UK is still failing many children and families. Recent analysis suggests that social mobility, once something that helped working-class people, is now stagnant. So what can schools practically do to help to address this?

In this session, Andy Griffith will offer insights as to how to best develop and extend your current provision so that you have a clear narrative around how your school contributes to closing the gaps that stem from disadvantage and building social justice.

The session will help you to develop a robust plan for developing Cultural Capital. It will examine effective in-class and in-school strategies that can enlighten students and help to give them more aspirations as well as ideas for better parental engagement.

There are currently fewer opportunities for educational visits etc. but now might be the perfect time to plan for the future. How, in the next few years, will students learn more about other cultures, music, art, literature, the environment and aspects of life outside of their current worldview. Isn’t that the true purpose of education – to open up the world for children and not to make them feel somehow inferior?


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