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Get to Know Us Better


Get to Know Us

Teacher Training UK is committed to fostering educational excellence. Our journey has been marked by the relentless pursuit of quality, innovation in teaching methods, and a deep dedication to shaping future educators.

Our Instructors.

Our instructors are more than just teachers; they are educators, mentors, researchers, and enthusiasts in their respective fields. Led by the esteemed Matt Bromley, our team includes renowned educators such as Prof. Dylan Wiliam, Amy Matthews, Andy Griffith, and more.

Our Philosophy

We believe in creating a learning environment that encourages critical thinking, nurtures creativity, and fosters the development of a well-rounded skill set. We strive to instill a lifelong love for learning and teaching in our students, preparing them to make a difference in their classrooms and beyond.

Our Accreditations
and Recognitions

We are proud to hold the Provider of Training Excellence recognition from the CPD Standards Office. These recognitions attest to the quality of our programmes and our dedication to upholding the highest standards in education.



The single most important factor in student success is the teacher.


Since 2011, the number of teachers in schools has not kept pace with the increase in pupils, and the number of reported teacher vacancies has doubled in that time.


We believe there are already fantastic people in our schools, who are taking on more and more of the work of qualified teachers, but may not have a degree, time and money to train as a teacher through traditional means, which can often be expensive and take up to 9 years complete.


We want to make it easier for those with a passion for teaching to receive a great teaching education and to pass on their inspiration and motivation to their students.


Teacher Training UK works with world-leading educators who bring their experience, knowledge and passion to our Diploma in Education and Training programme, giving you an initial teacher training qualification in 12 months. On top of this, we will support you through your QTLS.

Teacher Training  UK has been awarded Provider of Training Excellence by the CPD Standards Office. Teacher Training UK has undergone a rigorous assessment process focusing on 4 key areas:-

  • our organisational structure

  • the learning provision we offer

  • our methods for maintaining excellence

  • and our learners’ personal experiences

Our Ethos


Share ideas across a global community of teachers and educators to provide inspirational teaching and learning experiences


Support teachers in tackling the challenges they face: strategically and

day-to-day in the



Bring together the world’s leading educators with the latest research and tools for continual professional development


Be confident and daring,

try new approaches,

share these with the community and learn

from each other


To deliver a high-quality training programme, we source experts in the field of education to host our lectures and seminars. You’ll get to engage with industry leaders, enabling you to make the most of your learning experience and inspire your career of lifelong learning and reflective practice.

Matt Bromley

Our Lead Instructor is Matt Bromley. Matt’s an inspiring, engaging speaker with incredible enthusiasm for ongoing professional development and developing best practice in schools. He has worked with Teacher Training UK leading our seminars on such topics as theories, principles and models of learning, designing an inclusive curriculum and reflective practice.


Matt is an accomplished education writer and advisor who has accumulated more than two decades of experience in teaching and leadership. He has held positions such as secondary school headteacher, principal, FE college vice principal, and MAT director. In addition, he is a proficient public speaker, trainer, and school improvement lead, and he also serves as a primary school governor. Matt has contributed to several newspapers and magazines, authored several best-selling education books, and is a frequent keynote speaker at national and international conferences and events.

Matt Bromley

Guest Lecturers 

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Dr Simon Ellis

Dr Simon Ellis is a consultant providing training and consultancy on special educational needs and disabilities. Until recently, Simon was a Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and taught on the National Award for SEN Coordination programme.

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Andy Griffith

Award-winning trainer, consultant and writer. Andy has helped numerous schools transform the quality of their teaching and learning. Andy is passionate about enabling young people from various backgrounds to achieve their full potential.

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Amy Matthews

Amy is an experienced SENCO and special lead educator. Amy's passion for inclusive practice and supporting children with diverse needs is clear, leading sessions on understanding the role of specialist delivery techniques and improving provision for all.

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Professor Dylan Wiliam

Best known for his research collaboration with Paul Black in the ground-breaking ‘Inside the Black Box’ and the BBC2's 2011 documentary series on teaching techniques, ‘The Classroom Experiment’. Dylan is a world-renown author and trainer.

What Our Students Say


Simon Carter

The support is absolutely phenomenal, each

lesson is highly engaging and very interactive.


Akram Warren

I would rate the quality of teaching that I received at Teacher Training UK very highly, instructors are very knowledgeable.


Rachel Hollings

I would totally recommend this course to someone else. It's a very high-quality course, and I have learnt loads. 

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