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Become a qualified teacher

Teacher helping a secondary school student at their desk

Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS)

In England, you can apply for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status (QTLS) if you are teaching learners aged 14+.


However, holding QTLS has legal parity with QTS, which means you can teach on the same terms and pay as someone with QTS. So, you can teach in primary and secondary schools as long as you can secure a number of hours teaching learners aged 14+ while you’re working towards your QTLS.


Get in touch if you’re unsure.


QTLS is awarded by the Society for Education and Training. They require you to have a level 5 qualification in teaching. Teacher Training UK will cover half the QTLS fee if you enrol on our Qualified programme, and if you choose Qualified Plus, we will support you through the process of putting together your portfolio.

What it involves

After registering with SET, the process takes 6 months. There is no requirement to attend classes during this time, but if you choose the Qualified Plus, you will be offered regular contact time with one of our tutors and be able to attend monthly taught sessions.

Teacher speaking to a group of three secondary school children


Requirements can change as determined by the Society for Education and Training (SET), so always check their requirements.

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