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It’s also never too late to teach

They say it’s never too late to learn but did you also know that it’s also never too late to teach?

Kent based Teacher Training UK is opening up new career paths for dozens of people throughout Kent and London with courses suitable for graduates and non-graduates.

And now couldn’t be a better time to look into teaching as a career option with the UK currently facing a severe shortage of teachers.

Shortage of teachers

England's schools are facing a severe shortage of teachers, with bigger class sizes and more subjects taught by staff without a relevant degree, according to the Education Policy Institute (EPI).

Despite ongoing discussions between the Department of Education and unions over pay, there are currently a number of financial incentives aimed at encouraging recruitment.

A briefing paper submitted to parliament earlier this year by The House of Commons Library included government-backed programmes to upskill current teachers as well as career development opportunities in a bid to make teaching more attractive as a profession.

“Our aim is to develop outstanding teachers and trainees enrolling at our Teacher Training programmes and those coming to us do not need to have a degree,” said Joe Toko of Teacher Training UK.

“Teaching continues to be an expanding profession with so many different prospects. But we’re not only about opening doors for people into the world of teaching.

“We also work closely with head teachers and senior leaders to design, develop and regularly evaluate comprehensive training programmes for the many dedicated unqualified teachers in schools.”

Apart from the rewards of knowing that as a teacher you can make a difference in a child’s life, other benefits include longer holidays, a generous pension via the Teachers’ Pension Scheme as well as the chance to earn an additional special educational needs (SEN) allowance and teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments.

Simon Carter had been a manager in retail for 20 years but is today a secondary school trainee teacher embarking a new career after discovering the various programmes on offer at Teacher Training UK.

“Part of my previous job had been to coach and to make people the best that they can be and that was something that I really enjoyed,” he said.

“I then made the decision to leave my current role and take on the role of being a teacher.

“I looked at various options which required educational degrees that I didn’t have which was why I eventually opted for Teacher Training UK.


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