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Beyond the Classroom: Comprehensive Training Tailored for Excellence


At Teacher Training UK, our dedication extends beyond scheduled programmes. We offer an array of specialised services, from bespoke accredited courses to tailored programmes for institutions and professionals.

Customised Training Services

Our Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training programme can be tailored exclusively for individual schools, colleges, and organizations. We will work with you to determine dates and timeframes that accommodate your institution’s schedule. 

Additional Services Offered at Teacher Training UK

Beyond our scheduled virtual and in-person Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training programme, Teacher Training UK proudly offers tailor-made services designed to cater to the unique requirements of individual organisations, schools, and colleges. By partnering with us, you gain the flexibility to set dates and timeframes that align with your institution's needs. Furthermore, our bespoke accredited courses and CPD programmes are tailored to address distinct challenges, encompassing areas like Ofsted preparation, Assessors qualifications, Coaching and Mentoring qualifications, Action Learning, and more.


Andy Griffith

We're privileged to work alongside Andy Griffith, author of Teaching Backwards and a renowned figure in the education sector. But Andy's impact goes beyond just his written works. He is an esteemed trainer within our establishment, having influenced countless educators and institutions over a career that spans more than three decades. Andy's expertise is not just confined to the traditional educational landscape. He has also demonstrated a deep commitment to enhancing the corporate world through his transformative programmes, most notably the Outstanding Teaching Intervention (OTI) programme.

His rich tapestry of achievements, awards, and global recognition, combined with his unwavering passion for advancing both educational and corporate sectors, cements his status as a pioneering thought leader in contemporary education.

In collaboration with Teacher Training UK, Andy offers a diverse suite of meticulously crafted training packages. These modules are designed to address various facets of teaching, leadership, and performance enhancement. From in-depth explorations into Cultural and Social Capital to honing the Art of Challenge in pedagogy, every programme echoes Andy’s comprehensive experience, exhaustive research, and enduring commitment to the field of education.

For institutions and educators aspiring to push the boundaries of traditional teaching, engage with modern methodologies, and inspire the next generation, partnering with Andy Griffith through Teacher Training UK offers an unparalleled opportunity.

To learn more about how Andy's bespoke training sessions can benefit your institution, or to discuss a tailor-made package, please reach out to us.

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