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We have the highest aspirations for your potential as an inspirational teacher

Our mission is to deliver a world-class teacher education programme to enable both teachers and students to live more fulfilling lives and contribute to a better future.

Interview with Jonathan Sanders Teacher Training UK 19/20 Student

Interview with Jonathan Sanders Teacher Training UK 19/20 Student

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We are a team of dedicated professionals with a mission to optimise individual teaching potential for those who desire to become qualified teachers. Our services are suitable for graduates, non-graduates currently working in education or any qualified professional with a passion for teaching.

Why We Do What We Do

At Teacher Training UK, we recognise the indispensable role that teachers play in moulding the minds of the next generation. Being an outstanding teacher requires empathy, enthusiasm, adaptability and passion; this passion is shared by all our team who will support you during every step of your journey to becoming an inspirational role model for the learners you will encounter.

Join us in our mission to deliver world-class
education, enabling people to live more fulfilling lives 


Exceeding Expectations

We are also passionate about giving you the ability to exceed your own teaching expectations. We strive to unlock your inner confidence and strengthen your skillsets so you can become the best educator possible.
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Mark Burns

Trainer and best-selling author with a proven track record of improving teaching performance. Mark has vast experience working intensively with primary and secondary teachers and leaders nationwide.

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Andy Griffith

Award-winning trainer, consultant and writer. Andy has helped numerous schools transform the quality of their teaching and learning. Andy is passionate about enabling young people from various backgrounds to achieve their full potential.

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Joe Toko

Experienced trainer and consultant with an impeccable track record for supporting schools achieve outstanding status. Joe specialises in professional practice, in particular behaviour management and action research.

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Professor Dylan Wiliam

Best known for his research collaboration with Paul Black in the ground-breaking ‘Inside the Black Box’ and the BBC2's 2011 documentary series on teaching techniques, ‘The Classroom Experiment’. Dylan is a world-renown author and trainer.


Simon Carter

The support is absolutely phenomenal, each

lesson is highly engaging and very interactive.


Akram Warren

I would rate the quality of teaching that I received at Teacher Training UK very highly, instructors are very knowledgeable.


Rachel Hollings

I would totally recommend this course to someone else. It's a very high-quality course, and I have learnt loads. 

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