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How to Become a Teacher Without Holding an Existing Degree

There are several routes into teaching but for those who don’t have a degree, it can seem a bit more difficult, but this does not need to be the case.

You may already be working full or part-time, perhaps within an education setting as a teaching assistant for example, or maybe you are working in a different career altogether, and wish to become a qualified teacher. Teaching is a rewarding career where you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and have a positive impact on young people.

Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) is a route into teaching that can enable you to become a qualified teacher without holding a degree. In order to become a qualified teacher, in addition to holding a level 3 or above in a subject specialism, you will need to have achieved the following:

GCSE Maths and English (C or above) or a Level 2 in Maths and English.Diploma in Education and Training (DETs)QTLS 

There are several providers that offer the above qualifications individually but it is also possible to find some providers in Kent (for example Teaching Training UK at the Innovation Centre in Medway) that deliver all three of the above listed components on just one 12 month course.  

In addition to the 3 qualifications listed above, you will also need to find a school placement and obtain a minimum of 100 hours teaching experience over the course of the year program, this can be paid work or it may need to be on a voluntary basis whilst you are training.  

Currently, there are several unqualified but exceptionally talented personnel working within our schools who undertake the same responsibilities as the qualified teachers.  

So, if you have a desire to become a teacher and influence the lives of future generations, start today.

Find out more about QTLS, what current students say, and apply for a September 2019 course on our website:

Looking for further information on starting a career in teaching? Take a look at our blog Essential Requirements for Becoming a Teacher for a breakdown of the qualifications and skills you need.


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