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Sam Kary - 15th March 2022

Sam Kary - Integrating Technology in the Classroom

About this event

In order to redesign our classrooms to meet the needs of today’s students and prepare them for our rapidly changing world, it’s vital that we integrate technology in education. Yet technology in and of itself can’t transform learning: true transformation only takes place when we leverage the power of technology to put research-based instructional practices in place.

In this session, we’ll explore several high-impact, technology-integrated instructional strategies you can use in order to design relevant, engaging, 21st-century classrooms where students apply higher-order thinking skills in the 4 Cs: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Teaching students how to create with technology, not just consume it, as well as how to critically evaluate the information they come across in the digital world, are crucial skills not just for the future of work but also for the future well-being of our society.


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